Cops: 96-year-old Calif. man murders 81-year-old wife


(CBS/KCAL) MAR VISTA, Ca. - A 96-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly killing his 81-year-old wife in Mar Vista.

CBS station KCAL reported that authorities were called to the elderly couple's apartment Saturday morning to find Anne G. Weiss in a pool of blood. Police say she died from blunt force trauma.

Her husband, Milton M. Weiss was identified as the suspect and was arrested and charged with one count of murder. He is turning 97 on Friday.

The couple's neighbor, Sharon Queen-Ford, was shocked when she heard of Anne Weiss' murder. "I'm stunned. It's so unexpected and so awful," she said. "It's a great loss to all of us. To have her leave here in any fashion [is awful] but especially in a terrible way like that."

Queen-Ford said the victim told her that her husband Milton had recently become increasingly erratic. "She felt he would get irritable for things that weren't justified," she said. "There was something irrational going on. It scared her, I think." Queen-Ford said.

Police say the investigation is ongoing, and Weiss is expected to be arraigned Monday after a psychiatric evaluation.