"Cool" Teacher Mary Segall In Hot Water After Hooters Trip With Students

NEW YORK (CBS) Short shorts plus skimpy tops equals one highly unusual high school choir trip that has landed a female Arizona music teacher in hot water.

Choir director Mary Segall is now facing disciplinary action after taking 40 students to lunch at Hooters — a restaurant known for its hot wings, burgers, and beer, and, oh we almost forgot -- its scantily clad serving staff.

Segall told district school officials that the restaurant — whose busty waitresses leave very little to the imagination — was the only eatery that could accommodate a group of that size.

Segall was placed on administrative leave, Judi Willis, a Paradise Valley school district spokeswoman, said.

"We believe that there are many venues for lunch for a large group of people in the downtown Phoenix area," Willis said to the Arizona Republic

"There could have been a choice that might have been more appropriate, given that it was a school-day event with a school employee in charge," said Willis.

Segall has taught in the district for more than 23 years and was planning to retire at the end of January before the incident, according to the paper.

It is not clear if she will return to the classroom.

It's also not clear if any of the students will return to Hooters.