Conservative 15-Year-Old Sits Down With Bob Schieffer

Small fry conservative Jonathan Krohn, the 15-year-old who wowed Washington at last year's Conservative Political Action Committee conference, revisited the set of "Washington Unplugged" Tuesday and told Bob Schieffer the conservative movement is "at a peak."

Krohn, a Georgia wiz kid, was in town promoting his second book "Defining Conservatism."

Asked what he has been up to since last March's interview, Krohn said, "I have been doing a lot of policy analysis. I have been working a lot on education policy especially." He's also been attending the ninth grade.

"I mean it in the kindest way," Schieffer said, "you are just an amazing kid."

"People say once you get your first pay check and start paying taxes you become more conservative," Krohn told him. "Just for those out there who say Jonathan Krohn has never paid a tax check.  I paid my first income form last year."

Watch the full interview below.  

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