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Connecticut teen says school nixed her date for the prom

TORRINGTON, Conn. -- A high school senior says she's distraught because school officials told her her boyfriend is too old to escort her to her senior prom.

Mikayla Perlotto, 18, wants to take a 22-year-old man to the Torrington High School event.

"It means a lot to be a senior at your prom," Perlotto told CBS affiliate WFSB. "It's your night, your last hurrah with your class."

Perlotto, a senior honor student, said that ever since she met her boyfriend of five months, Ethan Gleason, she has dreamed of taking him to the prom. The two met while working at Jake's Wayback Burger.

"You want the perfect night," said Perlotto.

Gleason is 21 but will be 22 by the time the prom rolls around. Perlotto said she wanted to run the idea of taking an older man by the school administration.

"I wanted approval," she said.

She says she was shocked by the response.

"They immediately said 'no' and I couldn't be able to," Perlotto told WFSB. "I wasn't really given a chance."

Perlotto said school officials told her the concern is that Gleason could provide drinks to underage prom-goers.

"He would never ever do something like that to get anyone at risk for anything," she said.

Perlotto tried to make her point at a Board of Education meeting Wednesday night. Her mother, Donna, also spoke at the meeting, saying her daughter should be allowed to bring Gleason.

WFSB sought a comment from the board, but it declined to provide one. However, school Superintendent Cheryl Kloczko told The Register Citizen she wants to meet with Gleason before making a final decision.

"I don't have concerns with the person," Kloczko told the newspaper. "I just have concerns with the age. We'd like to meet the gentleman."

Board of Education Chairman Ken Traub said the school district had in the past allowed a 20-year-old to attend the prom as the guest of a student. He said other requests to bring someone out of their teens have been shot down.

"You're putting age groups together that are way too different," he told The Citizen Register. "I know there's going to be 15-year-olds there."

Perlotto said that if school officials don't relent, she will be out the $70 she paid for a ticket and the $400 she paid for her dress. However, she said there's still time to continue the fight.

"He's knows he's older, he doesn't know what else to say," Perlotto said. "He's trying to be there for me as much as he can."

She said she'll fight right up until the date of the prom, which is scheduled for May 23. If she can't take Gleason, she said she'd go by herself.