Connecticut School Shooting: Piecing together Adam Lanza (VIDEO)

Adam Lanza

(CBS) - Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old who allegedly massacred 20 children and six adults on Friday, is still a puzzle, with the pieces slowly coming together. CBS News correspondent Troy Roberts tracked down some of the people - including family members - who can offer insight into the shooter and his family.

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Marsha Lanza says her nephew, Adam, was never a violent child, but she knew that he did have "issues."

Marsha said she believes her nephew was once a student at the school where the deadly shooting took place.

Marsha also said her former sister-in-law, Adam's mother Nancy Lanza, kept guns for safety but also because she "worried about the direction of the country and the economy."

CBS News reports, Adam Lanza received his GED just a few years ago but it is unclear what he has been doing since then.

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