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Congressional Black Caucus Backs Rangel

It's not much of a surprise,  but..

The Congressional Black Caucus offered embattled Charlie Rangel its "100 percent support" and a pair of standing ovations during a meeting this morning, according to several people in attendance.

The caucus's backing -- which comes after Monday's inconclusive 90-minute meeting between Rangel and Nancy Pelosi -- makes it much less likely the Harlem Democrat will be ousted by his own troops.

Unless, of course, there's a major new revelation akin to reports about apparent reporting lapses involving vacation properties in the Dominican Republic and Florida.

"Nancy won't challenge us on this, even if she wants to," said a member who attended the Rangel meeting.

Last night, Pelosi responded non-verbally when asked if she'd requested Rangel to step down as Ways and Means chairman, nodding "no" to reporters as she emerged from her meeting.

Rangel will also address the entire Democratic caucus during their weekly meeting -- and is then scheduled to address New York State's Democratic delegation.

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