Conan O'Brien Apartment: Price Chop of 16%

Last Updated Mar 10, 2010 4:37 PM EST

Sometimes even celebrities buy real estate at the peak. That's certainly the case for Conan O'Brien, who added onto his New York City apartment at the Majestic by buying an additional eight-room apartment a floor above in spring 2007, peak for the Manhattan market.

The New York Observer reports that the apartment, which previously had a whisper listing price of $35 million, is now available for sale for $29.5 million. Guess that shows Conan has a commitment to living in Los Angeles stronger than his network, which pulled the plug on his hosting the Tonight Show.

The beauty of the combined apartment is that it's on a corner, allowing for three terraces, one that faces west over the park, and one that wraps a bedroom and faces both south and west. Did I mention the eight bathrooms?

Since O'Brien managed to get a reported $45 million in severance ($12 million of which goes to his staff), I wouldn't put anything past him, but $29.5 million is a strong number.

The listing agent is Brown Harris Stevens' John Burger, who got a little ink in the New York Times when he offered to sell Bernie Madoff's penthouse for free. (That listing actually went to a rival, who charged).

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