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Compare Phone Companies to Find the Best Plan

With Verizon now offering the iPhone, and outstanding handsets available from all the major cell phone providers, the time truly have a' changed. If you're shopping for a new cell phone plan -- for yourself or your employees -- we've got some data to help you make a smart choice.

Recently, jkontherun published an infographic with a wealth of handy information about major cell phone providers and plans. Here are some key takeaways:

Customer Satisfaction
Verizon leads the pack with 49%. Sprint comes in second with 35%, and T-Mobile and AT&T tie in last place at 23%.

Dropped Calls
Verizon has the fewest dropped calls (1.5%). Sprint and T-Mobile are in the middle of the pack, with 2.4% and 2.8%, respectively. AT&T trails with a whopping 4.5%.

Market Share
Verizon has the largest user base, with 38% of the market. AT&T is in second place with 31%. It's T-Mobile and Sprint's turn to tie for last place -- 15% each.

Rate Plans
There is a lot more data to be had in the infographic, such as representative rate plans for both individuals and groups. The chart is too big to fit here on this page, so take a trip over to jkontherun to see it all.

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