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Comments On – They're Not Just For Public Eye Anymore

Without much fanfare, has launched a comments feature for news stories. We've noted efforts by other news organizations to open up their stories in the past and now you can engage in a discussion about events like this. According to Michael Sims, director of news and operations for, comments can be opened up for every story that goes on the site. Sims told Public Eye, "we hope to use it more often than not," adding, "the idea is to dramatically expand the voice of our readers, involving them in the dialogue over the major stories of the day."

Encouraging such dialogue looks to be a trend that isn't going away – one of many "transparency" efforts becoming so common these days. So head on over and comment away. Just don't forget, Public Eye remains your conduit to ask questions and get answers from the folks at CBS News and to peak behind the scenes to see how the process works.

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