Bobby Moynihan's new sitcom just one of many life changes for former "SNL" star

Bobby Moynihan on "SNL," new show

Comedian Bobby Moynihan was one of the longest-running cast members in "Saturday Night Live" history. After nine seasons, he left the show for the upcoming CBS comedy, "Me, Myself & I," which follows its main character Alex over three different stages of his life. Moynihan portrays the 40-year-old version of the single dad.

Moynihan joined "CBS This Morning" to discuss the new show, leaving "SNL," and some of the real-life changes he's going through.

The "gravity" of being at "SNL" was never lost on Moynihan — even nine seasons in. He said he's been a fan of the late-night sketch show since he was young.

"I would show up and you'd just hear that music and you remember it's 'Saturday Night Live' and it's a truly amazing thing," Moynihan said.

This past season, and Moynihan's last, was also his toughest.

"It was just a different season, it was very politics-heavy, very Trump-heavy and that's not necessarily my favorite. For me 'SNL' was playing characters and entertaining people. So I missed that part of it a little bit," he said.

His new venture, "Me, Myself & I," centers on an inventor named Alex, played by three different actors in different stages of life. Those stages include a 14-year-old Alex in 1991; a present-day 40-year-old Alex, whom Moynihan portrays; and a future Alex at 65, played by John Larroquette.

The First Step
"Me, Myself & I" CBS

"It's just kind of the trials and tribulations of this guy's life and how you can have the best day of your life one day and the next day it might be something completely different," Moynihan said.

The actor and comedian is going through his own life changes, too. This past year he's gotten married, welcomed a child into the world, left "SNL" and moved across the country to Los Angeles. But the rigor of his last job seems to have him well-prepared for what's ahead.

"Yeah, I'm doing OK. I'm used to no sleep from 'SNL.' So it's going pretty well," Moynihan joked. "It's a little hilarious to me. My first day of work I was in every single scene that day. They were like, 'I'm so sorry. It was almost a 12-hour day.' I started hysterically laughing, my 'SNL' days were 49 hours."