Adam Carolla's parenting advice in "Daddy Stop Talking!"

Comedian and bestselling author Adam Carolla is out with a new book, "Daddy Stop Talking!" It's a title ripped from his daughter's mouth after she'd had enough of his antics.

"I was doing what I do: pontificating. I do a podcast, I do standup. I had kids so I could tell them what to do, you know what I mean, 'Listen to me. I know how life works.' And she just said, 'Daddy stop talking,'" Carolla said Tuesday on "CBS This Morning."

But he had a comeback for that.

"And I said, 'You better hope Daddy doesn't stop talking because when Daddy stops talking that's when the Audi goes back to the dealership, that's when we move into an apartment in Van Nuys, so you better pray,'" he said.

Carolla's tell-it-like-it-is book is filled with advice for parents on how to raise kids surrounded by flat screen TVs, iPads and entitled attitudes.

"I found myself with these two little sponges and I was trying to fill them with knowledge. Constantly of course, they were topped off with whatever TV show they were watching and tuning me out," he said. "I kept finding myself saying, 'Listen, listen, here's what I know, here's what I've learned.' And I thought, 'If my kids aren't going to listen, at least I'll put it down in a book and somebody else's kids can listen.'"

One of his recommendations: don't engage your kids in negotiation. Carolla said "they'll drive you to the ground."

"I hear my wife getting into it with my daughter especially where she's saying, 'We want to go to the American Girl store,' and you go, 'We can't. Were too busy today.' 'Well I'll Google one. I'll find one closer to the house.' 'Well yeah, but it's got to be within seven nautical miles.' 'Well no I found one.' And I just come in and go, 'Look, stop, no. The answer's no,'" Carolla said.

Raising his children may prove difficult at times, but Carolla said he loves being a father.

"I just love the connection," he said.