Coma Birth Produces 'Miracle Baby'

Coma Mother
The Thomas Family — Amanda, Charlie, George and Big George — might seem like any normal American family, but CBS News Correspondent Bill Whitaker reports the fact that they're all together is actually something quite extraordinary.

Amanda Thomas, a 26-year-old dental receptionist, developed a case of viral pneumonia while pregnant and was hospitalized at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. The condition worsened, causing fluid to build up around her heart and lungs and sending her kidneys into failure. Doctors were uncertain whether mother or child would survive.

"I'm very happy that me and Charlie are here and we can spend our days with my son and my husband," said Amanda Thomas.

With her body failing, doctors, hoping to stabilize her, put Thomas in a drug-induced coma. They told her husband there was little chance to save both mother and child and a good chance of losing both. Then George Thomas said they presented an impossible question.

"They said, 'How do you feel, we may have to take the baby to save your wife's life?' ... It was horrible," said George Thomas.

Just as doctors were about to perform a Caesarian section, despite fears the procedure could cause Amanda Thomas to bleed to death, an amazing thing happened. Her comatose body went into contractions and she gave birth, 15 weeks early.

A team of doctors from another area hospital was brought in to oversee the birth. At least ten doctors and nurses were in the delivery room.

The infant Charlie was alive, but tiny weighing one pound, 10 ounces.

"I could fit him in the palm of my hand," said George Thomas.

Both mother and child were put on life support. A month after giving birth, Amanda Thomas awoke from her coma. When she and her child left the hospital in excellent health, even their doctors were in awe.

"This is a miracle baby. This is a remarkable, remarkable triumph," said Dr. Paul Hinkes.