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Column: Respect Others Political Opinions

This story was written by Olga Kharitonova, The Post

Its easy to find yourself in the middle of a healthy politicaldebate one second, and see it transform into a very undemocratic (orun-republican) debacle the next.

This isnt exactly a phenomenon during any election season, but itsespecially common during this one. From the campaigners on Court Streetcorners to the political bookbag buttons and badges, its prettyobvious that few at Ohio Univerisity are political pacifists. And thats probably areally good thing.

But perhaps the one bit of wisdom some voters are missing is thecapacity to be content with the presidential picks of others after theyhave made their own.

Discussion is a beautiful thing not to mention a vital campaigningtool but it can get pretty ugly when people are either unready tohave civil discussion or try to convert others too late in the game.

Its Election Day. There is no (longer) reason for students toterrorize one another over the same common goal: socioeconomicimprovement.

Just ask yourself the following questions before you spew word acid at an opponent:

Wont there be improvement regardless of who wins? Havent we pretty much already hit rock bottom?

Is it realistic to think that anybody is voting for a candidatebecause they want that person to hurt the country rather than help it?

Or, for the pessimists, does it matter who wins, because were all doomed regardless?

Growing up, most children are taught that talk of religion andpolitics has no place at the dinner table. The latter part of this ruleneeds to be spanned out further, to coffee shops, keggers, car ridesand comment threads alike unless, of course, those surrounding youare on your side. Or youre getting paid.

But even the campaigners have deserted the streets.

So if you are left dumbfounded after learning an acquaintance isstill dead-set against voting, allow it. There is a chance theyre notinformed enough to be voting in the first place.

But, more importantly, if someone has chosen a side, at least be grateful they cared to start with.

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