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Column: Palin Unfairly Attacked By Media's Personal Politics

This story was written by Buddy McKendree, Independent Florida Alligator

The quality of journalistic reporting performed during this election season was downright awful.

As an intelligent, informed voter, it disheartens me to see there are sections of the U.S. so ignorant in their liberal tendencies they cannot see through their own political biases to write a slightly informed opinion of a candidate.

Attacking Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin by saying she crossed a boundary because she suggested Presidentelect Barack Obamas tax plan contained socialistic qualities is ludicrous. Obama said he wants to spread the wealth around, which conveys socialistic traits by advocating taking from those who have and giving to those who dont.

Its mere leftist tunnel vision to suggest mainstream America does not concern itself with issues of abortion, the right to bear arms and other moral battles that sidetrack people from real, solvable problems.

If only the major media attacked Obama the way it attacked Palin you can only find the truth if you seek the facts.

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