Colorado flooding's displaced teens play homecoming football game in flood zone

(CBS News) LONGMONT, Colo. - Colorado faces a long road to recovery following this week's historic flooding.

Lyons, Colo., saw the worst of it, but people there are already fighting for a comeback.

For a football game Saturday, the coach delivered a pep talk full of emotion.

"I believe in the end there's gonna be a lot more good memories that come out of this than bad," he said.

Just over a week ago, floodwaters consumed the players' hometown. Residents don't know if or when they'll be able to return.

Players and cousins Gaspar and Aaron Vasquez both lost their homes in the flood.

"I couldn't much do anything, like go outside because it was always wet," said Aaron. "But when I went out to practice, like, I felt like I was back again."

Abbie Liquori is a sophomore cheerleader.

"Just trying to see all my friends and just keep my head up because I know it will get better in the end, but you just have to get through the hard times together," Abbie said.

Students will be attending class in a loaned building here in Longmont for now. Most are living in temporary homes.

Some members of the band played loaned instruments Saturday. Karen Gregg is band director.

"They want normalcy, and in such an uncertain time something as normal as playing for a football game can be really reassuring," Gregg said.

The game wasn't trouble-free. In the second quarter, a player broke his leg.

But Lyons still won the game 28-7.