Colleges: Which Is Best?

Best Colleges
Which college do students consider the No. 1 party school this year? And where can undergraduates get the best overall academic experience? And at what college do the students say their professors suck all life from materials? The much-awaited Princeton Review rankings have these and many other interesting categories.
On The Early Show, Robert Franek, author of the book, The Best 331 Colleges offered the highlights from the top college rankings.

Sixty-five thousand students at each of the book's 331 colleges rated their own schools and reported on campus life on the survey. Only undergraduate, and not graduate, institutions are ranked.

Here are some of the rankings:
Best Overall Academic Experience

  1. Princeton University
  2. Amherst College
  3. Harvard College

Toughest College To Get Into
  1. Cooper Union
  2. Harvard College
  3. Princeton University

Top Party Schools
  1. University of Tennessee - Knoxville
  2. Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge
  3. University of California - Santa Cruz

Stone-Cold Sober Schools
  1. Brigham Young University
  2. Wheaton College (IL)
  3. California Institute of Techonology

Professors Bring Material To Life
  1. Smith College
  2. Haverford College
  3. Columbia University

Professors Suck All Life From Materials
  1. Miami University (Ohio - not Florida)
  2. State University of NY at Buffalo
  3. State University of NY at Binghamton

Dorms Like Palaces
  1. Bryn Mawr College
  2. Sarah Lawrence College
  3. Randolph-Macon Woman's College

Dorms Like Dungeons
  1. State University of NY at Buffalo
  2. California Polytechnic State Univ
  3. University of Montana - Missoula

The top jock school is Penn State University in Pennsylvania, and the happiest students are in Pomona College in California.

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