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College placekicker a record-setter: He's 61

Alan Moore has yet to play his first game, but he's already in the record books.

Suiting up for Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama, Moore - who's 61 - is the oldest player in college football history.

He's earned a spot on the Eagles as a placekicker.

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One teammate says, "I don't think I've even had a coach that's quite that old!"

Eagles Head Coach Gregg Baker says Moore "got on me the first couple times we talked, because I kept calling him, 'Yes sir.' And he said, 'Coach, you're not supposed to call me "yes. I'm supposed to call you 'Yes, sir."'

For Moore, it's a move long-deferred.

Back in 1968, Uncle Sam came calling, pulling him off the football field and sending him to fight in Vietnam. When he came home, he went to work in construction. Three kids, five grandchildren and 42 years later, Moore still had it in him to kick a football. He's retired and owns an avocado farm in Homestead, Fla., according to The Birmingham News.

Says Baker, "Alan came to us back in the spring and said, 'My story is showing these kids there's no reason to give up on your dreams, and there's no reason not to continue trying to get your education."

Moore lives in the dorms, eats in the cafeteria and attends class, proving, observes "Early Show on Saturday Morning" co-anchor Russ Mitchell, he has the mind, the heart and foot to compete with players young enough to be his grandchildren.

Moore told Mitchell on the show, "I'm feeling real good. It's really nice to be here with (his young teammates). It's an honor to be out here with those guys."

Why's he doing this?

"I've been asked that question so many times. I think it's just because I could do it and I'm willing to do it and I enjoy doing it. I enjoy being around the kids.

"It wasn't a lifelong dream. It just came up in a conversation at a football game in 2009."

Moore says his teammates' nicknames for him all refer to his Golden Years - names such as Pops, Grandpa, Old Man and Old School.

Others, he said, he couldn't repeat on the air!

Baker told Mitchell that, "Like everybody else at first, you know, you're kind of skeptical when a 61-year-old guy comes to talk to you about playing college football. But after Alan and I sat down and talked and he ... told me what his real reason for doing this was, I was excited to have him on board."

Where is Moore on the depth chart?

"We've got four guys returning from last year. ... Our number one kicker from last year is back, and Alan understands that.

"You know, I don't think his idea was to come in and try to beat out anybody. It's more of a deal for Alan, I believe, where he's gonna come in here and try to send a message to these kids. And the message is not for him to be the number one kicker, and I think he understands that, but, you know, what he brings to this team, what he's gonna bring to this team is a lot more important than where he's gonna fall on the depth chart."

Moore admitted there are some things he can't do now that he could do back in his heyday. "I can't run a full 40 (yards)," he told Mitchell. "I can probably run it between now and lunchtime, but I can't run a full 40."

Moore WAS able to kick a field goal from the 15 yard line for "Early Show on Saturday Morning" cameras, though.

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