Coleman Attacks Franken On Iraq War In Web Ad

Sen. Norm Coleman’s (R-Minn.) campaign released a Web video today that portrays his possible Democratic challenger, comedian Al Franken, as a flip-flopper on funding for the troops in Iraq and over a timetable for military withdrawal from Iraq.

The 93-second video juxtaposes an October statement that Franken made in support of a timeline for withdrawal and a June 2006 quip on his Air America radio show expressing opposition to one.

The ad then highlights quotes from Franken that raise questions about when the former Air America host began speaking out against the Iraq war.

The video closes in the same vein on troop funding, citing four different statements from Franken on how Congress should use funding to force Bush’s hand on timetables for withdrawal.

The Franken campaign said the video was an attempt by Coleman to distract from his own record on Iraq.

“Norm Coleman's record is clear: blind support of the President's disastrous Iraq policy and absolutely no interest in defending his repeated votes against bringing our troops home. If I were him, I wouldn't want to talk about a record like that, either,” said Franken spokesman Andy Barr.

Franken’s main competitor for the Democratic party nomination is attorney Mike Ciresi; their race will be decided at a convention in spring 2008.

-- Avi Zenilman