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Cole & Rowland Nailed Screen Test

Courtney Cole and Jon Rowland are the winners of The Early Show's "Soap Star Screen Test" competition in which viewers were invited to vote online for their favorite aspiring actors and actresses.

They will debut this summer as the newest cast members of the CBS daytime drama, "As The World Turns."

The two were chosen by online voters from among 10 who auditioned last week on The Early Show.

Each audition was performed with an accomplished soap star from, "As The World Turns." Courtney was the first female to audition in our contest. She did so with 15-year "As The World Turns" veteran actress, Tamara Tunie. Jon was featured on Thursday's show in a scene with ATWT regular, Mark Collier.

Courtney said the fact that she auditioned first, helped to take the pressure of.

"It was nice, because I didn't really know what to expect and I didn't have to wait around agonizing over what it would be like. I just kind of did it," she said.

Jon said what helped him was performing with Mark Collier. "It was great. He made it so easy, too. Mark was a great guy," he said.

On Monday, Courtney and Jon performed together in a romantic scene that ended with a steamy kiss. "As The World Turns" executive producer Christopher Goutman was pleased with their performance.

He said they both nailed their live Screen Tests as well.

Courtney said she was not expecting to win.

"I thought I would hear either the night before or earlier in the morning. I gave myself a deadline: OK, I haven't heard by now and then I e-mailed everyone and right when I hit send, I got the call. So I had to e-mail everyone quickly back," she said.

When Jon heard the news, he said there was a celebration at his frat house. "My roommates were there and we turned some music on and had a little celebration," he said. Jon belongs to Sigma Chi as did Mark Collier and Brad Pitt.

You'll get to see both Jon and Courney this summer on "As The World Turns" for a full week or more, said Goutman who explained a few of the scenes that await the winning couple.

"There's one where we'll have some mystery and mayhem and our young lady will be in that story. And our young man on the run, Aaron Synder will get into some hot water. And our young man will participate in that," Goutman said.

He noted this could lead to great things, "As soon as they get their postcards out and tell everyone they know, the agents, the casting directors walk through," he said.

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