"Amazing event": Coldplay fan soars above crowd at concert in Dublin

Rob O'Byrne soared above the crowd at a Coldplay concert in Dublin, Ireland, Saturday night. He was paralyzed 12 years ago and uses a wheelchair, so two strangers hoisted him up so he could see better.

"How was the view up there?" CBS News' Anthony Mason asked O'Byrne.

"It was a great view. You see the whole of the Croke Park, just the top of people's heads," O'Byrne said.

As the crowd roared, lead singer Chris Martin beckoned, and faster than the "Speed of Sound," O'Byrne's wheelchair was lifted on the shoulders of fans to the stage.

"Were you ever nervous up there in the wheelchair, up above everybody?" Mason asked.

"I was just more shocked than anything else, so I just went for it," O'Byrne said.

Rob O'Byrne on his way to the stage.

In front of a crowd of 83,000, they improvised a duet, with O'Byrne on a harmonica that Martin gave him.

"I just blew the harm when he stopped singing, and then he just looked down and said 'yeah just keep doing that,'" O'Byrne said.

"Tell me what this day means to you," Mason said.

"It was an amazing event, like, to be at," O'Byrne said.

O'Byrne playing the harmonica with Chris Martin.

O'Byrne's family got the tickets as a Christmas gift, and he got to keep the harmonica as a souvenir.