Clyburn Says Tune In Tuesday

Remember James Clyburn? The powerful House majority whip caused quite the stir earlier this year when he publicly flirted with endorsing Barack Obama after pledging to stay neutral throughout the contest. After a few days of seeming to endorse, Clyburn finally declared himself to be "undeclared." Well, Clyburn tells the Stamford Advocate in Connecticut that he will unveil his pick at 11am Tuesday -- while voters in Montana and South Dakota are going to the polls for the final two contests.

"As the House majority whip, I didn't want to interject myself into the process," Clyburn said of his earlier non-decision. Clyburn did vote for a candidate in his home state of South Carolina and told the paper, "I'm not undecided, just unpledged." Clyburn should be expected to give his endorsement to Obama. He has criticized Hillary Clinton's campaign for injecting race into the contest and his home state voted heavily for Obama in January.