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Club For Growth Up With Second Attack Ad In Ohio

The Club for Growth’s PAC is up on the air for a second time in an increasingly contentious special election primary in Ohio.

The anti-tax group is airing their second attack ad against state Rep. Bob Latta, who is engaged in a negative primary battle against GOP state senator Steve Buehrer over their conservative credentials.

The two are vying for the GOP nomination in the special election to replace Rep. Paul Gillmor (R-Ohio), who was found dead Sept. 5 after an apparent fall down the stairs of his apartment.

“When Bob Taft wanted the largest tax and spending increase in Ohio history, Bob Latta said yes,” a narrator says in the ad. Latta also said yes to raising our gas taxes. And yes to huge tax hikes on businesses. Latta said yes to raising taxes on telephones, dry cleaning, even snow removal. That’s a whole Latta taxes.”

The Club for Growth spent $100,000 on the ad, which will be televised throughout the northwest Ohio district on broadcast and cable. They just finished airing another ad, also connecting Latta with unpopular former GOP governor Bob Taft.

Latta responded to the Club’s first ad by airing his own ad accusing Buehrer of accepting money from jailed Republican fundraiser Tom Noe and for sponsoring a gas tax hike in the state legislature.

Latta accused Buehrer of starting the negative campaign in an interview with the Politico earlier this week.

“I knew this was going to be a dirty campaign because of the campaign he ran last year in the state Senate,” Latta said. “People say this a repeat, but worse.”