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Clinton Tells Supporters She Deserves to Get Party's Nomination


From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

RAPID CITY, S.D. -- Hillary Clinton told supporters that not only does she now lead her opponent in the popular vote, she is the strongest candidate to take on John McCain in the fall, leading her to the conclusion, "I am the person who should get the support for the nomination of our party."

Clinton's comment come just one day before the final two states, Montana and South Dakota, head to the polls to vote. Although Clinton seemed in high spirits, she chose her words carefully when she spoke. She opted against drawing contrasts between Barack Obama and herself, something she has done without fail throughout the campaign season. Instead, she seemed resigned to the fact that her campaign may be in its final days. "Our main job at the end of this historic, closely contested primary season is to nominate the next president, who must be a Democrat, and that is our goal," she told a small group at a restaurant here.

Clinton thanked her supporters and volunteers who have been working on her campaign. She noted that she started way behind in the race here, but still urged supporters to turn out in large numbers tomorrow. "Your votes really do count and what South Dakota decides tomorrow will have a big influence on what people think going forward."

It would take something short of a miracle for Clinton to capture the nomination at this point, but both she and her campaign believe there is still a chance. She continues to think she will be able to sway a certain number superdelegates in the coming days to make that happen. Clinton doesn't seem to regret having stayed in the race this long, telling the group of supporters, "I am very grateful that we kept this campaign going until South Dakota."

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