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Clinton Stumps For Voters In Kentucky

This story was written by Susie Laun,

Standing in front of an audience of more than 500 people, Sen. Hillary Clinton said she was a fighter and a champion. She asked people to vote for her for president on Tuesday.

"I'll work my heart out for you," she said.

Clinton spoke to the Bowling Green community at about 12:15 p.m. Sunday on DUC South Lawn about what she would do if she were elected president.

Bowling Green was Clinton's second campaign stop in Kentucky as she prepares for Tuesday's primaries. Oregon's primary will also take place on Tuesday.

Clinton is spending most of her time in Kentucky. Polls show Clinton leading in the state.

She will celebrate the results of Tuesday's races in Louisville.

Clinton took the stage with Kentucky's Speaker of the House, Jody Richards, D-Bowling Green.

Richards said it was her experience, commitment, courage and credibility that would make her a great president.

"I am happy to endorse her as the next president," he said before handing her the microphone.

Clinton told the audience that she was proud to be campaigning in Kentucky.

"You don't stop democracy in its tracks," she said.

Clinton said that she's excited to have the entire state to herself.

Her opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, has said he won't make any more appearances in Kentucky before Tuesday's primary. Obama has rallies planned in Montana, Iowa and Florida, according to his Web site.

Clinton's main points included her plans for getting universal healthcare, decreasing gas prices and ending the war in Iraq.

She said that as president she wants to be held accountable for the work that she does.

Clinton concluded her speech by encouraging the audience to vote for the candidate who they would hire for the job of president.

After her speech Clinton stayed behind to sign posters, books and T-shirts for supporters.