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Clinton: Senate Story 'Crazy'

President Clinton laughed and shook his head when a reporter asked him Monday about a published report quoting friends as saying he's considering a 2002 run for the Senate from

White House spokesman Joe Lockhart later said that the president had told him, "That story is crazy. I don't know where it came from."

The New Yorker magazine reported that "several close friends of the First Family believe that Bill Clinton will run for the U.S. Senate from Arkansas in 2002."

Lockhart said he and another senior aide had never heard Mr. Clinton mention the idea. Lockhart said he has only heard the president speak of running his presidential library after leaving office and his frequent jokes about running for school board.

"He [Mr. Clinton] has no intention of running for the Senate, rules out the idea of running for the Senate," Lockhart said.

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