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Clinton Administration Scandals

The Clinton Administration is one of the most investigated, if not the most investigated, in American history. Independent counsels have spent nearly $100 million investigating the Clinton administration. Five Clinton cabinet appointees have been targets of court-appointed independent counsels.

CBS News Correspondent Phil Jones reports on the legal woes of the Clinton administration.

  • Early in the administration, Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy resigned and is awaiting trial on charges of taking gifts from companies his department regulated. Espy is awaiting trial.
  • Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros was forced to resign and is awaiting trial for allegedly lying to FBI agents about payments to a former mistress.
  • Commerce Secretary Ron Brown was under investigation for personal financial dealings when he died in a 1996 plane crash while on a trade mission.
  • In the president's second term, more problems--his Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt is under investigation to determine whether he lied to Congress about giving government favors in return for campaign contributions.
  • Labor Secretary Alexis Herman makes five. She's under investigation, accused of influence-peddling and campaign fund- raising while working at the White House.
  • Vice President Al Gore also remains under a legal cloud for possible illegal campaign fund-raising. The Attorney General is under heavy pressure to change her position, and name yet another independent counsel to investigate the matter.

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