Clever cat opens five doors in a row to go outside

(CBS News)  I believe when given the right motivation or reward, it's possible to achieve almost anything. And while I've got absolutely no idea what that could be for the clever cat in this video above, I'm fairly confident he really wants to get outdoors. Watch and see what happens.

That must be one very special concrete block out there! (Or completely filled with catnip, perhaps?) The caught-on-camera, animal antics was posted by YouTube user Marjan Kirovski. And I've got to say, after managing to somehow get through five different doors to get outside, for a moment there I was worried he was just going to walk right back into the house...

Either way, a very impressive feline feat to watch unfold, in my humble opinion. What did you all think about it? And have you encountered cats with a similar level of intellect? As always, feel free to leave some comment love below with your thoughts and personal pet experiences.