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Classic toys get a high-tech makeover

Barbie, Legos and other decidedly low-tech toys are getting an upgrade to appeal to a new generation of tech-savvy kids
Retro toys go high tech 01:47

Baby Boomers and Gen X may have fond memories of playing with Barbie or Legos as a kid -- but today's generation of digital natives may be craving more technology with their toys. So some classic toys for kids are getting a high-tech makeover. CNET's Lexy Savvides checked out some of the options to help guide your holiday gift shopping:

MATTEL VIEW-MASTER -No longer just a slide-show viewer, the View-Master has been remade as an virtual reality headset for kids. Experience immersive space travel, wildlife adventures and more.

LEGO DIMENSIONS - Bring your favorite characters to life with this system that integrates Legos with PlayStation, XBox or Wii video gaming systems.

DISNEY INFINITY 3.0 - This toy also connects to your gaming system to animate Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars characters.

HELLO BARBIE - Generations of little girls have talked to their Barbie dolls; now this Internet-connected version can talk back, with thousands of lines of dialogue on a range of topics.

CRAYOLA EASY ANIMATION STUDIO - Color a picture, take a photo with your smartphone or tablet, and then animate a 3D figure to act out adventures.

VTECH KIDIZOOM ACTIONCAM - Turn a bike or scooter ride into a digital video adventure, or make your own stop-motion films with this GoPro-style camera for kids.

Watch the video above for more details and to see these toys in action.

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