Christopher Speight, Suspected of Killing 8 in Virginia, Surrenders

(AP Photo/Virginia State Police)
APPOMATTOX, Va. (CBS/AP) Police have confirmed to CBS News that suspected gunman Christopher Speight, who they believe killed eight people in rural Virginia, has turned himself in and is under arrest Wednesday morning.

Photo: Christopher Speight.

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Police say both the car and pickup truck of the 39-year-old suspect were found early Wednesday near the scene of the shootings in rural Appomattox County, about 100 miles southwest of Richmond.

Sgt. Thomas Molnar said the 39-year-old suspect approached officers at the scene of the shootings at about 7:10 a.m. and turned himself in. Molnar said Speight was being taken to an undisclosed location to be interviewed. Charges were pending. He didn't know whether Speight was armed when he surrendered.

Police were still working to positively identify the victims and notify their families. Authorities said Speight was acquainted with the victims, but details of the relationships weren't released.

The drama began around noon Tuesday when a victim was spotted barely alive along the side of a narrow country road. Seven people were found dead inside and outside a nearby home. The person on the side of the road later died in the hospital.

Police surrounded a 2-mile-stretch of heavily wooded terrain overnight. As teams tried to flush out the gunman, he fired at a police helicopter and hit a fuel tank, forcing it to land. No police were injured.

Sheriff O. Wilson Staples said investigators believe Speight had weapons training based on the weapons found in his home, but he declined to elaborate.

Police refused to speculate on a motive.


PICTURES: Virginia Family Massacre Victims