Christopher Jackson on "Bull" and his special Thanksgiving turkey

Christopher Jackson of the CBS courtroom drama "Bull" cooks turkey on Thanksgiving every year, but he says this year, he's trying something different. Jackson said he saw a very impressive turkey on the set of the Thanksgiving episode of "Bull."

"We're calling it the prop turkey of 2017," he said. "Our wonderful props guy from 'Bull' -- he's got a guy. After I saw this perfect turkey, I said, 'Would you please give me your guy so I don't have to wake up at 5 a.m.?' and 11 o'clock last night, this turkey appeared on my doorstep." Jackson clarified that it isn't really a prop turkey and that it is edible. 

When CBS' "The Thanksgiving Day Parade" hosts Keltie Knight and Kevin Frazier teased Jackson about not cooking a turkey, Jackson insisted, "My bona fides are intact. It's ok. I cook every year, but this year I need a break."

Jackson said he is enjoying getting to know the characters of "Bull" better.

"The [writing] room at CBS has given us some amazing stuff," said Jackson. "We're seeing so much more of all of us -- personality and quirks, different story lines." 

When asked if he is keeping "Bull" lead Michael Weatherly in check, he joked, "Everyone tries, but it's a little difficult." 

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