Christie: Contested GOP convention "possible"

New Jersey governor Chris Christie said a contested Republican convention is possible - and he also insisted that he would not jump into the presidential race if the primary process fails to determine a clear nominee.

On CBS News' "Face the Nation," Governor Christie said that the road could be long for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney if he loses Tuesday's primary in Michigan - the state where Romney was raised and his father was governor.

"I'm not going to deny that that possibility exists, that we could have a contested convention," Christie, who has endorsed former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, said.

Gov. Christie then asked, and answered, his own question: "Is there a possibility, if Gov. Romney would lose Michigan, for a ... contested convention? Sure. That's a possibility. I still don't think it's likely, though."

Christie said he is confident Romney will obtain the majority of delegates needed - 1,144 - to secure the nomination after all the states have spoken.

Schieffer asked Christie, who was also considered a favorite among Republicans to run for the nomination, if he would consider jumping in the race.

Christie denied having any interest.

"No, I'm with Governor Romney," Christie said, "and one of the things people know about me is that when I make up my mind, it pretty much stays made."

As for a vice presidential position, Christie left that door more open.

"What I'll say though to you is that if Gov. Romney were to come and talk to me about it, I'd listen," Christie said.

"And if you're a betting man, Bob, and I know you are, if you're betting, bet on me being the Governor of New Jersey into next year."

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