Christie ally David Wildstein keeps quiet on bridge scandal

David Wildstein - a former Port Authority executive and key figure in the Christie bridge scandal - was in the hotseat at a legislative hearing Thursday.

New Jersey legislators wanted to ask David Wildstein why he allegedly executed the order to close the traffic lanes without any warning. But the $140,000-a-year political appointee refused to answer questions for more than an hour.


David Wildstein at Thursday's legislative hearing where he invoked the Fifth many times
 Wildstein regularly responded to questions by invoking the Fifth.

Among the mysteries is what’s been redacted in pages of emails and texts provided by Wildstein’s lawyer Alan Zegas. He said he crossed out names and notes because they had nothing to do with the investigation.

"There is nothing improperly withheld," Zegas said. "He cooperated."


 Using government resources for political purposes can be a crime. We’ve learned a U.S. attorney is also looking into whether federal laws were broken.

The state panel cited David Wildstein for contempt. He resigned from his job last month. CBS News could not reach Bridget Anne Kelly -- the appointee fired by Christie today. She deleted her account on Twitter.

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