Christian Louboutin: I don't want my shoes to look "comfy"

They are the shoes of choice for A-Listers and fashionistas. French designer Christian Louboutin and his unmistakable red-soled footwear became famous on "Sex and the City."

Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Carla Bruni have been spotted wearing the signature red-bottom shoes. The designer opened his first store in Paris when he was 19. He now has 80 shops worldwide.

When asked on "CBS This Morning," Louboutin told the co-hosts that red "has to" be his favorite color now. He chose the striking hue to be the color of the soles of his shoes for a very specific reason.

"When I started the red sole, it was in the early '90s, and I realized … when I had my first daughter there was a lot of women who were only dressed in black, who would not wear colors, but even if you don't like colors, red you have," he said. "You have the elements on your nails. You have the elements on your lips. Even if you don't wear colors, you end up having red someplace."

Louboutin said that a shoe should make a woman "look good," but he said the "mystery" of a heel is that it "totally transforms" the body language of the woman.

"It's a very important thing. It's just on the feet, but it irradiates the whole body," he said.

The designer also explained that he's not looking to make someone comfortable in his shoes. He said it's "absolutely" more important to feel sexy than comfortable.

"I'm almost like a doctor," he said. "Design is my most important thing, but then after I have tricks to make- in order to make those shoes as comfortable as possible, but it's true that the comfort is not my first thing."

Louboutin said he doesn't want people to tell him that his shoes look "so comfy" because a comfortable shoe, like a clog, is "a different type of thing."

"That’s not a thing I would take as a compliment," he said.

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