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Chris Christie makes a Supreme Court promise

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Thursday pledged that if elected president, his first Supreme Court nominee would not be a Harvard Law or Yale Law School graduate.

"I think you can be pretty sure of that fact," he promised radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt.

In an interview with Hewitt, Christie argued that Americans were tired of the "education establishment" and implied that success was not limited to those who hold an Ivy League education. Five of the current Supreme Court justices are Harvard Law graduates, while three are Yale graduates. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg received her law degree from Columbia Law School.

The governor mentioned that his ideal U.S. Supreme Court appointees would come from various backgrounds and would know that their rulings affect "real people's" lives every day. "You need folks who have real life experiences, who have had real struggles, and who have made a difference in their communities in ways that are different than just going to an Ivy League school."

During his governorship, Christie appointed two state Supreme Court justices who did not attend Ivy League schools. Fuastino Fernandez-Vina attended Rutgers, a state university of New Jersey, and Lee Solomon attended Widener University, a private institution in Chester, Pennsylvania.

Christie, who earned his bachelor's degree at the University of Delaware and his law degree at Seton Hall, said his education has afforded him great career opportunities. "I got a great education there," he said of the University of Delaware. "And I don't think it's held me back from doing anything. In fact, I'm running for president of the United States."