Chinchilla, chickens, tarantula among creatures taken from Md. man charged with 134 counts of animal cruelty

Shane Taylor, 21
CBS Baltimore

(CBS) PASADENA, Md.- An Anne Arundel County man is being charged with 134 counts of animal cruelty after authorities seized dozens of animals from his home during a raid, CBS Baltimore reports.

Shane Taylor, 21, had about 40 animals removed from his home in a September raid, including a "honey bear," a chinchilla, two dogs, one cat, two turtles, seven birds, four chickens, a goat, pig, three snakes, 12 aquatic animals, three geese, a duck, a tarantula, and even a dead rabbit.

In August, animal control first came to the home to remove animals that could transfer rabies and to tell Taylor to improve the living conditions for the other animals. When this didn't happen, authorities returned and removed the menagerie. 

"The animals were taken care of," Taylor said earlier this month, insisting he did nothing wrong.

Taylor claims he was operating a makeshift rescue facility and was nursing sick animals back to health at his home.

"You have situations where people will take animals originally with great intentions but over time becomes overwhelming. Unfortunately, they're unable to take care of these animals," said Justin Mulcahy of the Anne Arundel County Police.

Sandy Freeburger, Taylor's neighbor, believes that the police have the wrong story.

"He's a nice boy," she said. "I don't believe any of it because he took good care of the animals. He played in the backyard with them."

Some of Taylor's animals are receiving medical treatment and others have since been moved to rescue facilities. Taylor turned himself in after police filed a warrant earlier this week. He's out on bond.