Children Of The Recession

CBS News and USA Today have launched a week-long series "Children of the Recession," which looks at the impact on children from the nation's economic woes. Complete coverage for the series is at the Children of the Recession page.

A new CBS News poll poll found nearly four-in-ten parents say the recession is affecting the lives of their children. Nearly one-third of parents say the recession has had a lot of impact on their family. And at some point over the past six months, 60 percent of parents have had to tell their kids they might not have as much money to spend as they used to. Two-thirds of parents believe children lacking health insurance is a very serious problem.

Throughout the week, both CBS News and USA Today will cover the story independently, cross branding each other's efforts. Coverage will include interviews with Dr. Irwin Redlener, president and co-founder of The Children's Health Fund, whose work was an inspiration for CBS News to create "CBS Reports: Children of the Recession."

"CBS Reports: Children of the Recession' is a major initiative for CBS News, and USA Today is a great partner during this week of comprehensive, cross-platform coverage," said CBS News and Sports President Sean McManus. "USA Today's involvement with 'Children of the Recession' will help us raise the profile of this nationally significant issue throughout the country."

In a piece for USA Today, CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric wrote on how the nation's tiniest victims need help, too.

Tonight on the Evening News, Couric looks at a program in Chicago that provides temporary care for children when parents are overwhelmed by economic or other programs. Here's a lineup for the rest of this week's series.

Tuesday, May 19
The Early Show: Kids in the ER
The Evening News: The psychological impact

Wednesday, May 20
The Early Show: Talking to kids about economy
The Evening News: Abuse and neglect

Thursday, May 21
The Early Show: Child abuse
The Evening News: Homeless kids

Friday, May 22
The Early Show: School for the homeless

Sunday, May 24
Sunday Morning: 5 kids, 5 stories, 5 films about the recession
Face The Nation: Psychiatrist Alvin Pouissant, an expert in race relations and co-author of " Raising Black Children"