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Chihuahua dancing to Miami Sound Machine after Thanksgiving

(CBS News) Okay, who can guess the perfect way to start off the week after Thanksgiving? If you happened to say with a chihuahua dancing to Miami Sound Machine, then give yourself a big pat (or paw) on the back and then click play and watch the very silly and cute animal antics unfold.

All vertical video issues aside, is that seriously not the definition of adorable overload right there! The caught-on-tape dancing dog video was posted by Devin Contreras who writes:

My chihuahua Sloopy, after our thanksgiving meal started dancing for the plate of turkey on the counter! He kept dancing so I put on some Miami Sound Machine and let him get busy! ENJOY

Sloopy, you have just earned yourself a big triple-rainbow salute of adorable from all of us here at The Feed for your post-Thanksgiving, Miami Sound Machine moves! And of you'd like to check out more videos from Devin Contreras, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.
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