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Chicago police captain believed shot by man wanted in Indiana

CHICAGO -- A Chicago police captain has been shot in the city's South Side - and the man who's believed to have shot him is still holed up in an apartment building surrounded by dozens of officers.

The shooting happened about 6 p.m., reports CBS Chicago.

The captain is being treated for gunshot injuries to the head and chest, says a spokeswoman for Stroger Hospital, but multiple sources are telling CBS Chicago that the injuries are not life-threatening. The officer is said to be in good condition.

The injuries are believed to be graze wounds, and it's likely the gunshot to the chest was absorbed by the captain's protective vest. Mayor Rahm Emanuel was seen at the hospital where the officer is being treated.

The man who shot the officer is apparently still in that building - which is surrounded by dozens of officers.

CBS affiliate WISH-TV in Indianapolis reports that the suspect is 42-year-old Daniel Brown, who is suspected of shooting a woman behind a gas station, then carjacking a man in Indianapolis. Police say Brown also shot a man and woman at a motel, all on Saturday night.

It's believed Brown's sister may have lived in the Chicago apartment building police evacuated after the shooting.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said the layout of the apartment is complicated and it took awhile to get all of the civilians out of the building. McCarthy said there may be a second offender in the building.

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