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Chicago Grandmother Sentenced To 44 Years For Orchestrating Acid Attack

Woman Sentenced for Acid Attack
Maria Olvera-Garcia and Ofelia Garcia (CBS/Chicago Police Dept.)

CHICAGO (CBS/WBBM/AP) A Chicago grandmother was sentenced to 44 years in prison for orchestrating an acid attack against social worker Esperanza Medina, who reportedly became romantically involved with the assailant's ex-boyfriend.

Cook County Circuit Judge Nicholas Ford on Monday sentenced 60-year-old Ofelia Garcia to one year less than the 45-year maximum.

Garcia was convicted of heinous battery in the July 2008 attack on Medina, which left her severely disfigured.

Another woman, 37-year-old Maria Olvera-Garcia, was found guilty by a separate jury of three counts of heinous battery in the same case.

Prosecutors contended Olvera-Garcia and Garcia were angry about a man Medina was dating and allegedly drove three teens to Medina's Chicago neighborhood to carry out the attack.

Medina, a mother of four, was preparing to get into her car when the teens walked up and poured the liquid on her, according to CBS affiliate WBBM. A woman heard Medina's piercing screams and rushed to help.

"I just remember saying, 'I'm going to faint,' and that's all I remember. That's when time stopped," said Medina according to the Chicago Tribune.

The social worker suffered third-degree burns on 25 percent of her body and had multiple skin grafts.

Separate juries were seated because each woman blamed the other.

The teens have pleaded guilty to battery charges.

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