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Chic Sequins And Ribbons For Fall

The lady-like look has been around since last season, and this season it's even hotter, says Allure magazine editor-in-chief Linda Wells. The look is very sexy, but also very classic.

This fall, designers have weaved interesting details like sequins and ribbons into everything from sweaters, to belts, to jackets, making clothing look extremely feminine.

Whether clothing is adorned with appliqués or trimmed in sequins, this look recalls old Hollywood - think Lana Turner and Sophia Loren. It's all about ignoring the unwritten rules of fashion by taking a mixed-up approach like mixing sequins and tweed and tying a coat with a beaded belt.

In this week's contest, co-anchor Harry Smith and Dave Price competed with "Amazing Race" winners Chip and Kim McAllister - who noted they were not spending their winnings on clothes. (The first thing they are going to do is donate to their church.) The four tried to guess which item in each of these pairs was the steal. Price won, guessing correctly every time.

New Version Of The Cardigan
Wear it like a cardigan, but tie with a velvet ribbon around the waist for extra touch. Keep it simple underneath with a plain tank or T-shirt. You can wear sequins during the day and go right into evening this fall. Try sequins with tweeds as well. We've paired the jacket with pants from DKNY and a black Gap T-shirt.

Splurge: BCBG sequined jacket: $1,364
Steal: Bebe sequined jacket: $239

What's the difference: The BCBG jacket is more expensive because it is handmade and has different variation and patterns in the sequined design. The sequins are sewn on tulle to make it very light.

The Full Skirt
This look is big for fall. You want to keep the skirt to the knee or below so it looks ladylike - no minis. Keep your top simple as to not compete with heavy beading on the skirt. We've paired the skirt with a simple cashmere sweater from Bloomingdale's.

Splurge: Michael Kors sequined skirt: $3,100
Steal: Maria Biancanero sequined skirt: $175

What's the difference: The more expensive skirt is handmade, with a sequined and metal mix of beading on skirt.

Embellished Sweater
Get rid of your sweater twin sets, and instead buy a sweater that is embellished. This easily dresses up any outfit in your closet. Again, keep the rest of your look clean and simple so that nothing competes with the beautiful jeweled trim on your sweater.

Splurge: Dolce & Gabbana sweater with jeweled brooches: $4,395
Steal: Tracy Reese sweater with sequined appliqués: $230

What's the difference: The Dolce and Gabbana sweater is more expensive because it is a high-quality knit cashmere sweater. The trimming around the neck and the jeweled pieces are Swarovski crystals. The Tracy Reese sweater is less expensive because it is a wool angora blend with sequin-trim.

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