Chelsea Clinton Stumps For Hillary At U.Penn Student Gathering

This story was written by Emily Schultheis, Daily Pennsylvanian
Like any daughter, Chelsea Clinton doesn't always agree with her mother.

But none of those differences in opinion came up yesterday, when hundreds of Penn students gathered on Wynn Commons to hear the former first daughter speak about the presidential campaign of her mother, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton.

"There are issues I disagree with my mother on," Chelsea Clinton said. "But those are for my kitchen table."

In light of the results from Tuesday's primaries in Ohio and Texas, Chelsea Clinton's visit to Penn comes at a crucial point in her mother's campaign - particularly since the fate of the Democratic nomination hinges on the outcome of the Pennsylvania primary next month.

Chelsea Clinton began with general remarks about her mother's candidacy. She then fielded questions from audience members.

Though she was asked about a wide range of issues, Chelsea Clinton focused largely on Hillary Clinton's preparedness for the presidency, as well as major issues like health care and foreign policy.

When asked about the Bush-Clinton monopoly on the presidency over the past 20 years, she said, "You shouldn't vote for or against my mother because of my father."

Chelsea Clinton also received questions about her mother's close race with Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and whether she thought superdelegates would determine the nomination. She stressed that the Democratic primaries are far from over, and thus the issue of superdelegates is still premature.

"There are still a lot of states that have to vote," she said. "We're in one right now."

She mentioned the issue of Florida, a state that her mother won but that currently has no pledged delegates at the Democratic National Convention this August, because the state held its primary earlier than party rules allowed.

Chelsea Clinton said her mother would fight to seat the delegates, but the chances of this are up in the air.

"I have no more insight than you do," she said to her audience.

Students who attended the event said they were impressed.

Even though College junior Oscar Benitez is an Obama supporter, he said he thought Chelsea Clinton was "very well spoken and answered questions sincerely."

Penn for Hillary spokesman and College freshman Patrick Bauer said the Clintons will be "all over Pennsylvania" in the coming weeks and that yesterday's event reflects the campaign's "commitment to young voters."
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