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Check Flight Status and More with 'Flight Board' App for Android, iPhone

Joining the ranks of uber-cool air-travel apps like TripIt and My TSA, Airport Remote Monitor provides airport-specific flight status, gate details, and baggage-claim info.

In other words, you'll never again have to hunt for one of those big ol' airport monitors. (The app was actually designed to look like one, which I find clever.)

Take a look at Airport Remote Monitor in action:

ARM provides data for more than 160 airports worldwide, with more being added all the time. Other perks include weather reports for your destination and a list of flight alternatives in case yours gets canceled. And if you do discover a flight delay or cancellation, you can easily notify co-workers, family members, etc. via e-mail.

The app is currently available for iPhone ($3.99 annually); an Android version is due to drop very soon. Definitely a worthwhile buy for anyone who spends a lot of time slogging through airports.