Cheap Fleet Management: Log Your Employees' Location When They Place Phone Calls

Last Updated Jan 12, 2011 11:42 AM EST

In this modern age of GPS-enabled everything, there are all sorts of ways to keep track of drivers, technicians, and sales forces. I told you how to track employees with Latitude, for example, as well as how to make laptops location-aware. Here's a new tool you can use to track employees via their phone calls.

GeoRing for the iPhone is a 99 cent app that can track the location of the phone every time you place an outgoing call. You can review these locations on Google Maps afterward.

If you equip all of your road warriors with this tool, you can assess where they are through the day as they place calls.

Another option, available for free: Using MobileMe, you can track the location of all your iPhone-equipped employees throughout the day.