Chasing Huckabee Not As Glamorous as It May Seem

From CBS News' Joy Lin:

Traveling on the road as a journalist requires two skills: intuition and counterintuitive behavior. While every other reasonable person in the world is running away from bad weather or a crisis situation, you're running towards it – as fast as you can, trying not to make mistakes.

Mike Huckabee is not bad weather, but bad weather was literally chasing him this week. First, the ice storm that killed sixteen people in the Midwest lacquered southwest Iowa so mercilessly that he had to cancel parts of his trip. That same cold front later ensnared Huckabee supporter Chuck Norris and reporters like me trying to get to New Hampshire because Huckabee was there.

I booked, rebooked, and had to wait list myself on a nighttime flight to land in a location three driving hours from Huckabee's first event Friday. Luggage lost, I lived out of my purse and made the three hour drive ... only to run into a snow bank when I got there and crack a seam through my bumper.

That's when a guy named Nate rolled down the window of his truck offering to pull my car out of the snow. That was the highlight of my day -- the unsolicited help of a stranger.