Chase, Gunfire <b>Caught On Tape</b>

An armed robbery suspect led police on a wild chase that ended in a crash and gunfire south of Los Angeles. The pursuit and its conclusion were caught on tape.

Police say the suspect may have been responsible for two holdups, including one of an insurance office moments before the chase began.

Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies started the chase, and were joined by members of the Cypress, Calif. Police Department. All the while, a Los Angeles police helicopter aided with overhead surveillance, reports Juan Fernandez of CBS station KCBS in L.A.

At times, the suspect drove erratically, and at one point hit a spike strip laid down by police.

After the suspect's vehicle careened into another at an intersection, he tried to flee on foot with, police say, handgun-in-hand.

At least one officer from the Cypress, department opened fire, hitting him numerous times.

His injuries aren't considered life-threatening and no on else was hurt, Fernandez says.