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Charlie Sheen has an app, can't spell

Charlie Sheen gestures as he arrives for his performance at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., April 19, 2011. Getty

(CBS) America. What a country. Where else can you do a lot of drugs, get fired from a TV show, go on a tour to disastrous reviews and still be considered a (moderate) success? (No, really - tell us below.)

Anyway, Charlie Sheen has an app! It's available on iTunes for the nominal fee of $2.99. It's called "The MaSheen" and it's totally not fake. We know that because Sheen tweeted about the app's release Thursday.

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"great news, world; my new app is finally up and running. it's epic! #MaSheen the others are ALL FAKE! this one I designed. your welcome. c," he tweeted.

That IS great news. Great news for anyone who doesn't know the difference between Y-O-U-R and Y-O-U-'-R-E.

So will you buy the Charlie Sheen app? A quick look at the preview screens tells us that the app contains "Mind Torpedos," "Fastballs of Truth" and a way to connect with other MaSheen users called "Friendly Fire."

Best of all (?), there's a question-and-answer section called "Magik Tiger." According to the app, you "Ask a Question and Shake to Receive Your Advice."

My advice? I'm asking YOU, The MaSheen app! Why would I want MY advice?

Check out the app here.

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