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Charlie Chaplin gets an amazing modern music tribute

(CBS News) John D. Boswell (aka melodysheep) continues to blow us here at The Feed away with his media mixed into music. His latest work above pays tribute to the late, great actor Charlie Chaplin with an amazing remix of the film "The Great Dictator". Take a look and listen.

Boswell has previously been featured here on The Feed for musical tributes to Mister Rogers, Julia Child, Bruce Lee, Bill Hicks, George Carlin and more. He writes about this latest work:

Charlie Chaplin's 1940 anti-fascist speech from The Great Dictator, as a song.

A moving and melodic homage to Charlie Chaplin that has earned Boswell another big triple-rainbow salute of excellence from us here at The Feed! And if you'd like to check out our previous posts on Boswell you can click here or if you'd like to go to his YouTube page you can click here.
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