PBS pays tribute to Julia Child with an amazing music remix

(CBS News) Back in June we posted an amazing music remix PBS had done of the much-loved, classic children's television show, Mister Rogers. Well, they are back again with a spectacular music remix of another beloved television icon: Julia Child!  You really need to check this out. 

The very touching tribute was posted by PBS Digital Studios who write:

In celebration of her 100th birthday, Julia Child Remixed by John D. Boswell, aka melodysheep, for PBS Digital Studios.

Another amazing homage to an inspiring television personality "cooked up" (ba dump bump!) by PBS Digital Studios and John D. Boswell that has earned both them a big triple-rainbow salute of excellence from all of us here at The Feed!  I honestly can't wait to see who and what they do next.  To check out more from PBS Digital Studios, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here and for more from John D. Boswell, you can visit his YouTube page here.