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Everything you need to know about CES so far

CES 2017 highlights

CES finally kicked off on Thursday in Las Vegas. As attendees swarm in, there’s very much to see, touch and tell you about. While you’re braving the crowds, or browsing at home, here’s what you need to know.

More screens

When one laptop screen just isn’t enough, there’s the Razer Project Valerie. This thick (1.5-inch) case holds a normal 17-inch display and two additional 17-inch displays that pop out from either side. Razer calls the arrangement “an automated deployment mechanism,” which is an overly complicated way of saying they snap into place without needing adjustment.

As it weighs around 12 pounds, you’ll get a workout carrying it around. It’s just a concept at this point so we don’t have a price nor we do expect it to go on sale anytime soon. But once it does, you’ll find an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, which is the current top of the line card for laptops, hiding inside.

And more pixels

When you need only one monitor, Dell’s UP3218K is the first 8K-resolution monitor we’ve heard of that’s actually scheduled to go on sale (of course, you could always buy more than one if you want). So, what does 8K really mean for you? Well, that’s a 7,680x4,320-pixel resolution for a total of 33.2 million pixels. They’re all packed with a lot of features into a pretty snazzy-looking aluminum frame measuring 31.5 inches.

Yeah, 8K content barely exists and the UP3218K has an astronomical $5,000 price tag. But if you’re still interested, you can get it starting March 23.

That John Legere show

All right, it was actually just a T-Mobile press conference, but the carrier’s CEO is always the star when it releases news. This time at CES, Legere announced a “Kickback” program that will give customers who don’t use a lot of data at a credit of $10 a month. You need to be on a T-Mobile One unlimited plan and use less than 2 gigabytes of data a month (about eight hours of streaming video) to qualify.

T-Mobile’s move is meant to address criticism that by forcing customers onto the $70 monthly One plans, anyone who uses minimal data has to pay for more than they really needed. In any case, the One plan will be the only option for all new customers starting January 22.

Happy Birthday, Polaroid

As it celebrates its 80th birthday, Polaroid showed a 20-megapixel camera that appears to be well worth a shot. The Pop has a 3.9-inch LCD and a Zink-technology printer inside. It also can record 1080p video, accommodate a microSD card and connect to your phone for printing your mobile pictures. If you like, you can even print photos with the signature Polaroid border. Polaroid hasn’t set a price yet, but the Pop should be in stores by the fourth quarter of this year.

A pretty, capacious backpack

If MacGyver ever went to CES, he’d need the Moshi Arcus backpack. It can fit an amazing amount of gear and it has a separate crush-resistant compartment for anything precious.

It comes in an attractive design in two colors (black and light gray) and retails for $230. There’s a separate camera insert that holds a dSLR and lenses for $50.

CNET’s must-see tech of CES

Finding the most exciting products in the CES labyrinth isn’t easy, but CNET editors have your back. We’ve started assembling our list of the CES tech that you just shouldn’t miss and will be updating it until the weekend. Check back often to get the greatest gadget glory.

And all the rest

  • Take a walk through LG’s massive TV tunnel.
  • Honda showed a self-balancing motorcycle that doesn’t need a kickstand.
  • How many connected watches does Fossil plan to release this year? Oh, just 300.
  • The Lynx Robot is the first robot integrated with Amazon Alexa. No, that’s not creepy at all.
  • Bosch’s unnamed concept car uses facial recognition technology to change a number of settings to suit driver preferences.
  • Under Armour’s $200 pajamas promise to absorb heat to get you a better night’s sleep. Under Armour also showed a smart shoe for when your aching feet aren’t enough of a sign that you’re tired.
  • The Nvidia Shield now has gets Amazon video, improved gaming and Google Assistant.

This article originally appeared on CNET as “CES is finally open: Here’s what you missed.” Check out complete coverage of CES 2017 on CNET.

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