Cedric Everson U. of Iowa Sex Assault Case: Football Coach Kirk Ferentz To Testify Against Former Player

Cedric Everson (Former University of Iowa football player Cedric Everson appears in court during the second day of jury selection at the Johnson County Courthouse in Iowa City on Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2011. A jury could be seated on Tuesday to hear the second-degree sexual abuse trial of Everson. (AP Photo/Iowa City Press Citizen, Benjamin Roberts)
Iowa University Football Coach Kirk Ferentz To Testify Againt Former Player in Sexual Abuse Trial
Former University of Iowa football player Cedric Everson (AP Photo/Iowa City Press Citizen, Benjamin Roberts)

IOWA CITY, Iowa (CBS/KCCI/AP) University of Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz is expected to testify Wednesday at the second-degrees sexual abuse trial of former Hawkeye player Cedric Everson.

Ferentz suspended the highly recruited defensive back from Detroit, along with fellow Hawkeye Abe Satterfield, after learning that the pair was accused of sexually assaulting a female student in a university dorm room in 2007.

After being questioned about their views on race, alcohol, and sexual abuse, the jury was seated Tuesday and listened to opening arguments, as well as testimony from the first witnesses, including the female accuser, reports CBS affiliate KCCI.

The unnamed female student told the court that although she was extremely intoxicated that evening, she did not consent to have sexual contact with Everson.

In fact, the victim claims that she did not know that Everson had forced himself on her until weeks later when a sexual assault kit came back with DNA from both Satterfield and Everson, says KCCI.

When prosecuting attorney Anne Lahey asked the victim how she felt when she learned of the second assault, she replied, "I don't think there are words to describe it -- devastated, violated."

However, Everson's attorney Leon Spies tried to paint a different picture of the female accuser claiming that the sex was consensual and that his client may have acted immaturely, but did not commit any crime.

"In a toxic combination of alcoholic, prescription drugs, bad judgment, immaturity and young hormones the lives of three people were changed forever," said Leon Spies, Everson's attorney.

According to KCCI, prosecutors say Everson had sex with the young woman while she was asleep after his teammate had already had slept with her.

Satterfield has pleaded guilty to one count of assault with intent to inflict serious injury and is expected to testify.